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Solar Green House

Solar green houses are the enclosures where crops, vegetables, flowers, and plants can be grown under unfriendly climatic conditions. The plant growth gets affected by availability of light, moisture, ambient temperature and carbon dioxide.

It is possible to design enclosures which admits sunlight when it is desired and at same time controls inside temperature within acceptable range. Usually, solar greenhouse find application in cold areas where vegetation is damaged due to extreme low temperature.
GREENHOUSE EFFECT:- It is only because of greenhouse effect that our life on Earth is possible to a great extent. Without natural greenhouse the Earth's surface temperature would be 33℃ cooler - a chilly - 18℃ rather than the tolerable 15℃.
The natural greenhouse is due to naturally occurring greenhouse gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. If this is so then you may be wondering why we are so afraid with greenhouse effect. The reason of our worry is th…

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